Airport Improvements are Under Way

Supporting local business and creating jobs in Chatham-Kent

Construction is now under way on safety and user accessibility improvements at the Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport. The improvements, potentially costing up to $2.5 million, are made possible by a donation from the South Kent Wind project, a joint venture of Samsung Renewable Energy and Pattern Energy. The work includes the redesign and flight verification of the instrument approach for runway 6 and 24, a 500 foot extension of runway 24, replacement of the existing lighting system and the installation of an automated weather system. Construction should be completed by the end of the year.

The engineering firm GENIVAR is handling day to day project management and advisory services. GENIVAR had completed the original study and, with its technical expertise in airports, is the most cost-effective company to complete the project.  A local Chatham-Kent company, Huron Construction Inc., is handling the construction work, which will generate 20 temporary full time jobs. Gravel and asphalt will come from Chatham-Kent supplies.

 “This project is improving our airport, and that in turn helps our businesses transport people and materials,” said Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope at a groundbreaking ceremony Friday morning. “The construction itself is drawing upon our community’s skills and raw resources.  All of this helps our economy.  These improvements are made possible by an unprecedented financial commitment from the South Kent Wind project that has helped to make Chatham-Kent a centre for the production of green energy.”

“We are very pleased to contribute up to 2.5 million dollars to support airport improvements – an important part of our commitment to providing benefits to the Chatham-Kent community,” said Ki-Jung Kim, Executive Vice President of Samsung C&T. “This work is an example of how our South Kent Wind project is creating local jobs and economic benefits in even more ways.”

“We are excited to further our partnership with the community and to demonstrate our commitment to working closely with community stakeholders and listening to local concerns,” said Colin Edwards, Senior Project Developer for Pattern Energy. “We are focused on building a source of clean energy and investing in the long-term economic health of the community. The improvements will enhance the safety and user accessibility of the airport, providing a net benefit to current and future users of the Chatham-Kent airport.”

Construction on the South Kent Wind project in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent is fully under way. Approximately 400 workers are on-site daily, with 99% of the workforce being from Ontario. The project has completed over 65% of the turbine access roads, poured 29 turbine foundations, and fully erected ten turbines.