Samsung and Pattern Announce the Start of Construction of South Kent Wind, Creating Jobs and Investment in Ontario

Over 1,000 Ontario workers will be involved in South Kent Wind project construction and manufacturing

Toronto, ON, April 30, 2013 –Samsung Renewable Energy, Inc. (Samsung) and Pattern Energy Group LP (Pattern) today announced they broke ground on the South Kent Wind project in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The 270 megawatt (MW) wind power project will use Ontario-made wind turbine blades and towers to generate clean, renewable energy equal to the needs of approximately 100,000 Ontario homes each year.
“Samsung and Pattern’s South Kent Wind project is a key component of the renewable energy economy we are building here in Chatham-Kent”, said Mayor Randy Hope, Mayor of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. “South Kent Wind is generating green energy jobs, increasing the local tax base and driving economic growth in a region known for its vast renewable resource potential.”
“Samsung is thankful to become part of this supportive community in Chatham-Kent and proud to start construction on our first Ontario wind energy project,” said Mr. KJ Kim, Executive Vice President, Samsung C&T. “The South Kent Wind project will create thousands of high-skilled jobs that will benefit real people in this community.”
“We are especially appreciative for the local support we received that helped make this project a reality and we are excited about starting construction, creating jobs and contributing to the community,” said Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern Energy. “The South Kent Wind project is putting Ontarians to work and driving investment in the province. Once complete the project will inject more than $7 million in direct spending into the local economy each year of operations.”
Workers and subcontractors from across Southwestern Ontario will be involved in every aspect of the South Kent Wind project – from manufacture and assembly of the wind turbine components to site construction, installation work and project operations. South Kent Wind will utilize 124 Ontario-made wind turbines. Siemens’ turbine blade facility in Tillsonburg is manufacturing blades for the project and CS Wind’s facility in Windsor is using Ontario-made steel to manufacture the turbine towers.
“Siemens is increasing factory production and hiring to ramp up to full capacity to meet the demand created by South Kent Wind and other Samsung-Pattern Ontario wind projects,” said Jacob Andersen, Vice President, Wind Power Division, Siemens Canada Limited. “Combined, Siemens and CS Wind are expected to create up to 600 jobs in the Province. These investments totaling more than $100 million demonstrate the progress of the Green Energy Investment Agreement between Samsung and the Ontario Government and underscore the significance of the Green Energy Act as part of the Province's commitment to economic development and environmental sustainability.”
There will be an average of 300 workers on-site throughout project construction and approximately 500 workers during peak construction periods. Local subcontractors will be involved in various aspects of project construction, including building the access roads, installing foundations and erecting the turbine towers.
“RES Canada Construction Ontario is excited to work with Samsung, Pattern and local subcontractors in the community of Chatham-Kent on the construction of the South Kent Wind project,” said Peter Clibbon, Vice President of Development, RES Canada. “The South Kent Wind project will inject tens of millions of dollars into the economy during the yearlong construction period, while utilizing local materials and creating hundreds of local jobs.”
“Wind energy projects are creating demand for local businesses and driving job creation,” said Daryl Clarke, Owner of Blenheim-based G.W. Clarke Drainage. “G.W. Clarke Drainage has hired local workers to meet the demand created by South Kent Wind and other area wind projects. We are excited to work on this project that is contributing to the local economy of Chatham-Kent.”
South Kent Wind will use TowerTEX’s TowerSHADE product on its wind turbines to mitigate the impact of the red lights at night on residents in the project area. The tower shades will completely eliminate light visibility from below the turbine out to 1.5 km, while allowing the light to be seen from above by aircraft.
Scheduled for completion in the spring of 2014, South Kent Wind will allow Ontario to continue to move away from its dependence on coal energy production. Compared to coal-fired generation, the project will offset approximately 842,000 tonnes of CO2 each year, the equivalent of taking nearly 148,500 cars off the roads, and conserve enough water to meet the needs of approximately 23,600 Ontarians.
Acting on their commitment to make a positive impact in communities where they build projects, Samsung and Pattern recently announced the $11.5 million South Kent Wind Community Benefits Program. The Program includes the establishment of the South Kent Wind Community Fund and donations to community-based initiatives spanning five areas of giving: community, environment, health & wellness, youth & education and aboriginal initiatives. The Community Fund will provide a stable source of community funding for the life of the project and beyond. Residents can apply online at to be on the Community Fund’s advisory committee.

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